Kate Soper

the Romance of the Rose

♥ An operatic exploration of the ways in which love, sex, and music wreak havoc on our sense of self. ♥
♥ Music and Libretto by Kate Soper ♥

Photo by JJ Geiger for Long Beach Opera

"Soper mobilizes the entire thousand-year history of music...I came away all the more convinced that she is a major music-theatre talent."  The New Yorker (full review)

"Tender, whip-smart .... with earnestness, wit, whimsy, self-awareness and music that ranges freely among Baroque madrigals, power ballads and barbed modernism."   The New York Times (full review)

"....to leave the theater dazed by a new opera is one thing. To be still processing where the humor ends and the meaning begins, even after time to reflect, is another much rarer and more valuable thing."   The LA Times (full review)


CAST: three sopranos, mezzo, tenor, two baritones
ENSEMBLE: Cl/bass cl, alto/baritone sax, piano/keyboard, percussion, harp, e. guitar, violin/viola, cello, electronics performer
Includes fixed and live electronics (vocal processing)

RUNTIME: ca. 2.5 hours with one intermission

Score and materials available here
For licensing contact Caroline Kane at PSNY