Kate Soper

Ipse dixit /Ip-suh dik-sit/: noun (Latin). Literally "he, himself, said it."
An uproven yet dogmatic statement which the speaker expects the listener to accept as valid without proof beyond the speaker's assumed expertise.

Ipsa dixit: "she, herself, said it . . ."

Ian Antonio (percussion), Kate Soper (voice, composer), Josh Modney (violin), Erin Lesser (flute)

"A ninety-minute tour de force in which ideas assume sound and form. Call it philosophy-opera."

- Alex Ross, The New Yorker

"A dazzlingly varied six-part sequence of quartets and duets spanning a stylistic range best described as broad and eclectic, but never unapproachable, employing texts concerning matters of intellect and sentiment, cognition and persuasion, perception and awareness."

- Steve Smith, The Log Journal

I: Poetics (excerpt)
Texts by Aristolte (abridged Soper) and Sophocles (from "Oedipus Rex")

II: Only the Words Themselves Mean What They Say (excerpt)
Text by Lydia Davis

III: Rhetoric (excerpt)
Text by Aristotle (abrdiged Soper) and Soper

IV: The Crito (excerpt)
Text by Robert Duncan and Plato (abridged Soper)

V: Metaphysics (excerpt)
Text by Aristotle, abridged/adapted Soper

VI: Cipher (excerpt)
Texts by Jenny Holzer, Wittgenstein, Pietro Bembo, Freud, Guido d'Arezzo, and Sarah Teasdale

All videos from live performance at EMPAC, 12.9.16
Directed by Ashley Tata
Lights by Anshuman Bhatia
Projections by Bradley Peterson
Costumes by Nina Vartanian