Kate Soper

T H E   H U N T
🦄 three virgins sit in a meadow on the order of the King 🦄
🦄 whiling the time away with songs, riddles, and livestream updates 🦄
🦄 awaiting the appearance of the majestic unicorn 🦄

(It is not going well)

Photo by Rob Davidson for Miller Theatre at Columbia University

CAST: three sopranos self-accompanying on violin and ukulele
RUNTIME: approximately 90 minutes
Published score here (for licensing contact Caroline Kane at PSNY)

"...a darkly funny fairy tale...the work adds up to something that few would qualify as absolutely an opera or a musical, or even a play with music – but, in classic Soper fashion, none of them and all of them at once."  The New York Times (full review)

"The Hunt's strongest argument for the possibility of growth, connection, and agency even under adverse and restrictive circumstances lay, of course, in its music, in which three individual voices were able to combine and transform into something infinitely rich and strange."   Parterre Box (full review)

a "brilliantly inventive chamber opera...wholly original, composed fluidly to straddle the medieval and contemporary without falling into the trap of imitation."   Seen and Heard International (full review)

"A "sly and satisfying new chamber opera from Kate Soper, whose work has been at contemporary opera's vanguard for the past decade...suggestively tying questions about women, representation and patriarchy together with a welcome light touch."   Observer (full review)

A "fresh and witty new chamber opera...Soper's score and libretto function on several levels, offering pleasures for the eye and ear and ample food for thought.""   Classical Voice America (full review)