Kate Soper

T H E    H U N T

Image from the Northumberland Bestiary, 13th C., courtesy Getty Open Content, edited Soper

T H E    H U N T
Book and Music by Kate Soper

Three virgins sit in a meadow, whiling the time away with songs, riddles, and livestream updates as they await the appearance of the majestic unicorn. Rumor has it that this animal can only be subdued in the presence of pure maidens...but the weeks are dragging on, the court is getting antsy, and the king is threatening dire measures to verify the purity of his employees. THE HUNT reclaims a well-worn medieval legend to interrogate the contemporary obsession with regulating and restricting female sexuality, the consequences for gender deviance, the value of beauty and the price of safety, all while captivating the audience with music that beguiles, provokes, and ultimately triumphs.

CAST: three sopranos self-accompanying on violin and ukulele
RUNTIME: approximately 90 minutes
PREMIERE: Coming to NYC October 2023! (Venue TBA)